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Summer is finally upon us here in Southern Maine and we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers who braved the elements this past winter to come and shop with us!  Spring planting has already begun and we’d like to remind you that besides selling the best in indoor gardening gear, we also offer some very specialized products for the outdoor gardening enthusiast as well!  This would be a great time to come and visit to see the efforts of our hard work over the winter.  We have greatly expanded our inventory with a new store layout with more shelving, more racking and more great products at great deals!  As you can  see, we are loaded from the floor to the ceiling with the greatest values in grow gear and accessories!  We already had the largest inventory of any other hydro shop in New England, and now we simply eclipse everyone else’s stock!  Our sales staff are second to none and every one of them is a fully licensed grower with the State of Maine.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide you everything you need to GROW!  In the market for 10 or more lighting systems with all the trimmings?  No problem!  We have them in stock today!  Need soil or soilless grow medium?  We have tons of all the major brands, in all the popular formulations!  Stop by HTG Supply at 178 Rand Road in Portland today and let us help you get the most out of your harvest!


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Our remodeling allowed us to free up enough room to hang every single HID lighting fixture that we offer, so that our customers can clearly see what options are available with completely assembled reflectors! Easy to read pricing sheets hang from each reflector with complete grow light packages at 20% off of retail price, so that our customers know that they are getting the best deal with no surprises. All of our lighting package prices are available every day, so no need to wait on sales or promotional offers to time your purchases, and you can check them out on our website at! Be sure to sign up for our free Customer Loyalty program, to receive even more in-store savings and protections  with your purchase history and product warranties stored electronically! No more run-around with hanging onto (and then losing) paper receipts!


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Tired of your local grow shop not having the soil you want in large quantities? We stock all of the most popular offerings from Roots Organics, Fox Farm and ProMix by the pallet! If you’ve got a vehicle big enough to haul it, we’ve got enough soil to fill it! Just like our lighting packages, we have clear pricing sheets for each soil located on our front wall, so that there are no surprises like some other shops!


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At HTG Supply, we listen to our customers and cater our stock to their needs! That means we are always bringing in new products, so if you haven’t visited us in a few weeks, chances are high that we’ve got a bunch of new items to check out! These new Ultra Oxy Pots are a great example! Never worry about your grow medium retaining too much water, or your plants becoming root bound again! This unique design allows maximum air flow to the root zone between waterings, and makes transplanting a breeze! With the turn of a couple screws, you can “un-wrap” your root ball without damaging or stressing the plant!


Porltand Maine HTG SUPPLY 2014

As always, be sure to check out our fully stocked and functioning grow room! We have multiple display tents, showcasing some of our most popular products so that our customers can see things in action and ask questions from our knowledgeable sales associates! Our staff consists of fully licensed growers with the state of Maine, and are experienced with all types of indoor grows, whether you are using soil, soilless or hydroponics! Stop by HTG Supply at 178 Rand Road in Portland today, and let us help you get the most out of your harvest!

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Maine Indoor Garden Supply just got better!

Maine Indoor Garden Supply ShopHTG Supply in Portland is Maine’s Favorite Indoor Gardening Store! We would like announce some very exciting changes to our HTG Supply store in Portland. First off, Continue reading

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Grow Room Wall Coverings: Mylar , Black and White Poly, Diamond foil and IR Blocker – why use them?

One of the most important, yet many times overlooked, part of any grow room construction is the reflective surfaces of the walls ceiling and floors. To truly get the most out of any grow room setup, you will want to cover your walls, floors and ceilings with some sort of reflective film. At HTGSupply we have a wide range of these grow room reflective films to fit nearly every situation.

The main purpose of grow area reflective films is to increase the effectiveness of your grow light. Much of the light produced by your grow light is often “wasted” as a small Continue reading

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pH, EC/TDS? What you need to know about those all important abbreviations!

pH / EC / TDS EquipmentpH and EC/TDS are two extremely important aspects of growing plants, whether you grow in soil or hydroponically. They are scientific scales that measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, and the electrical conductivity of a solution respectively. While that sounds a little bit intimidating at first, rest assured, as we can provide you with all of the basics that you need to know in this article, whether you are a beginner or advanced grower!

pH stands for Potential Hydrogen and tells you whether you have an acidic or alkaline substance. It is measured on a scale of 0.0 to 14.0, 0.0 being the strongest acid and 14.0 representing the strongest base, with 7.0 being the neutral midpoint. The reason pH is so important to monitor, is that all of the basic elements in your plant nutrients have a specific pH range in which they can be absorbed by the plant’s root system. Too low or too high, and you will lockout vital nutrition to your plant. If the pH swings extremely low or high, it can even outright kill the plant! Most plants prefer a slightly acidic nutrient solution and the method you use to grow also makes a difference. Plants in soil prefer their nutrients slightly higher between the 6.2 – 7.2 range while hydroponics and soilless mediums that provide constant access to a nutrient solution prefer things slightly lower at a range of 5.5 – 6.3. Keep in mind these are general ranges that fit MOST plants, but it is always a good idea to look up your specific plant’s preferred pH range to be sure. Regular monitoring of pH is recommended as environmental factors such as temperature, evaporation, and the normal process of the plant up taking nutrients will cause the pH value to fluctuate.pH Nutrient Lockout Chart

There are multiple methods that you can use to measure pH. The most inexpensive methods are to use pH test papers or liquid pH test solutions where you dip or take a sample of your nutrient solution and compare the resulting color changes to a chart on the product. We stock a very popular all in one pH Test Kit from General Hydroponics that includes the liquid test solution as well as the pH UP and pH Down solutions needed to adjust your pH to the desired level.

However, the test papers and liquids will only give you a rough range of where your pH potentially lies. If you want a truly accurate reading, you will want a digital pH meter. These meters work by utilizing a pH probe that measures the tiny amounts of electricity that are produced naturally by an acidic or alkaline solution. It is important to understand that the probes on pH meters are very delicate and perishable items, similar to a light bulb. They must be kept very clean, always wet after the first use (you can use calibration solution, storage solution or basic tap water, NEVER distilled or filtered RO water as they will damage the probe) and care must be taken not to break the probe. Just like a light bulb, their effectiveness will depreciate over time, and will occasionally need to be replaced. Most manufacturers warranty their probes for 6 months, although you can typically expect the life span of a probe to last roughly 12 months from first use, while the meters themselves typically have longer warranties, but will vary across brands and models. It is very important to find out the warranty requirements and procedures for your specific meter from your sales associate so that you are properly covered. We currently stock a wide range of pH meters from Milwaukee Instruments, pH meters from Hanna Instruments, and we have just been certified as an authorized dealer and maintenance provider for pH meters from Blue Lab!

EC stands for Electrical Conductivity and is the only way you can measure the TDS or Total Dissolved Solids in a solution. Pure water has no conductivity, but when nutrients or any particle is added to water, it dissolves salts and turns them into electricity conducting particles called ions. Measuring the EC/TDS level of your nutrients is how you know how much food is available to your plant. If it is too weak, your plants will be malnourished, while too high of a level will risk “burning out” your root system and potentially killing the plant. This is extremely important in hydroponic or soiless setups, as the plant is constantly exposed to your nutrient solution, and just like pH, evaporation and normal plant feeding will cause the value to fluctuate. You can adjust your EC/TDS level by either adding pure filtered water to lower the level (RO water is highly recommended, such as that produced by our Pure series of water filters), or by adding more of the appropriate nutrients that you are using.

EC - TDS Conversion Chart

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EC is the standard scale for most of the world, but in North America you will typically see TDS, which is measured in PPMs (parts per million), as the preferred scale. This can get a little tricky as there are 2 TDS scales in use, the PPM 500 scale and the PPM 700 scale. These scales are calculated by multiplying the EC reading by 500 or 700 respectively. When trying to match your EC/TDS level to your nutrient’s recommended level, be sure to double check which scale that particular nutrient company uses, as this will vary across brands. Most brands of digital EC/TDS meters will carry the option to measure in all of the 3 scales. Again we currently stock EC/TDS meters from Milwaukee, EC/TDS meters from Hanna and EC/TDS meters Blue Lab.

Both pH and EC/TDS meters require regular cleaning and maintenance to function properly. Occasionally you will need to calibrate your meter using standard reference solutions, such as pH 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0, and for EC/TDS, most brands of meters require a specific standard PPM solution to their brand. It is a good idea to get in the habit of calibrating your meters at least once every 30 days to assure their accuracy. As always, be sure to read your product manuals, review the warranty requirements and procedures, and if you need assistance, feel free to call us at HTG Supply Portland, and we will be happy to assist you with any questions!

Looking for Hydroponics in Maine?  Looking for Grow Lights in Maine?  Looking for organic gardening supplies in Maine?  Come to HTGSupply in Portland Maine.  We are the biggest and best grow shop in Maine.  We have the largest inventory of Grow Lights in Maine, the largest inventory of hydroponic supplies in Maine and the best prices on all your indoor gardening supplies in Maine.  We have the best prices on all the pH test equipment in Maine, including the best prices on pH meters from Blue Lab in Maine, and the best prices on Hanna Instruments pH Meters in Maine.

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CLONING SYSTEM OPTIONS – Cloning cuttings on a budget

8 Site Cloner BucketWe have a lot of customers that want to Clone their plants, but are on a tight budget and do not want to invest in our larger EZ-Clone or Botanicare cloning units. For those that want to have a less expensive, but still successful cloning experience, we can recommend two methods.

  1. Use our 8 site Cloner bucket
  2. Use our 25 site floating seed starter

After a variety of tests, we have analyzed the pros and cons of cloning plants in each system. Continue reading

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HTGSupply Sticky TrapsHTGSupply is proud to announce our latest product, the STICKY TRAPS.  The idea is simple, a yellow card coated with a super sticky, non-toxic glue that attracts the bugs and traps them.  These have been a “hot” item for us as our smartest growers have been stuck on these traps since we started stocking them.  Our versions of the STICKY TRAPS are much improved over the others we have carried in the past,

1)     Our bigger sizes allow for better results.

2)     Our Sticky Traps are more water resistant, allowing for longer use.

3)     Our units are priced much better, under $10 for a 10 pack of giant over-sized traps that can capture literally thousands of insects each.

The bright Yellow color attracts a wide assortment of insect pests, and the glue keeps them on the trap so you can see what kind of critter is trying to mess with your garden.  The Sticky Traps are especially useful at catching Aphids and Whiteflies, 2 definite monsters in the garden.

Sticky Trap in UseThese STICKY TRAPS a very useful product in a few ways.

a)     Sometimes you are not aware of an insect outbreak or infestation until it is too late, the use of the Sticky Traps allows you to identify these issues before they become a problem.

b)     Obviously, you want to get the problem insects away from your plants as much as possible, the Sticky Trap adds another dimension to your pest control solution, best yet – the Sticky Trap does not stress your plants like some insect controls do.

The “STICKY TRAPS” insect traps come in two sizes, small-4”x10” (which is actually much bigger than competitors) and extra large 10”x12”.

We have plenty of these in stock, please come visit us, and join all the other Maine growers that are discovering Maine’s best indoor gardening and hydroponic super store:

HTG Supply (High Tech Garden Supply)
178 Rand Road
Portland, ME 04102
phone: (207) 899-4387

We are open:
Monday thru Friday 11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm
We are closed Sunday

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HTGSupply Maine Fall Ball!


On the 24th of September we will be throwing the Maine Fall Ball! We will be giving away a FREE door prize to everyone who shows up… so make sure you’re there.


  • Free Food
  • Free Drinks
  • Cool Music
  • Fun and Games
  • Grow Gear Give Away all day long


There are major vendors coming from all over the country to help support the FALL BALL. HTG is expecting to give away thousands of $-Dollars-$ worth of grow gear. There will also be many of the nation’s leading grow experts on hand. So at least come out to gain a lot of great information, and possibly learn a thing or two.


Maine Fall Ball Postcard

Maine Fall Ball Postcard


  •  High Yield Lighting
  • Sunleaves
  • Waste Farmers
  • Horti Control
  • Roots Organic
  • General Hydroponics
  • Light Rail
  • CAN Fans & Filters
  • Dank Decals
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Hydro Innovations
  • Dutch Master
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New HTGSupply Maine Blog

Welcome to the new blog for High Tech Garden Supply – North Carolina. Check back here to keep up to date with all the happenings at the store. From time to time we will announce events, special offers, new products, and information on various issues that are important to customers of this store.

If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment or email us at

HTGSupply Logo

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